Welcome to Money Brunch

A space for women to talk about money, build their confidence and control their financial destiny.

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For all levels

Our why

Compared with men, women...

  • Manage money betterBudgeting can be a breeze, but building wealth is harder.
  • Are better investorsBut we hold more money in cash, so we invest less.
  • Are better leadersBut navigating the world of work is incredibly challenging.

How it works

Monthly events

We get together each month to discuss different topics - sometimes with special guests too. Over brunch, of course. More

Weekly newsletter

Arriving in time for you to read every Sunday morning with a coffee, get caught up on the biggest personal finance news relevant to you.More

Online community

Connect with others, learn from their experiences, and share your own insights. More


What can I expect at a Money Brunch event?

Expect an empowering atmosphere packed with expert insights, practical advice, and a supportive network of women ready to take on their financial goals.

Are events beginner-friendly?

Absolutely! Our events are designed to be inclusive and cater to all levels of financial knowledge, from beginners to savvy investors.

What's the membership fee?

We currently only charge for attending events, to cover the cost of food and drink provided.

Who's this run by?

Bhakti and Malavika, who were introduced at a networking event, for their shared passion about making women more financially confident.

Your why

What's in it for you?

Understand your relationship with money

Money is complex and emotional. So spend time getting to know how you and finance get along.

Learn from each other and vice versa

Hear about others' experiences to understand the best pathways for you, and share your own insights too.

Figure out what you need to know

Get pointers about resources and products that may help your own personal finance situation.


Sharing and learning

It's nice to be able to share knowledge and experiences informally with each other 🫶

Another great session

Amazing meet up yesterday. I really liked how all our views and outlook were changed significantly after the discussions and questions!

Makes a proper difference

I recently started my investment journey (thanks to this group actually) 💪

Who we've worked with

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Get in touch

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